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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Win some / Lose some

Sooo tired! I woke up at 8am to meet with my academic advisor and switch my classes. Thankfully no 2hr line when I got there. Got that taken care of badda boom badda bing! hehe. Anywho, I transfered to a Silk Screen class where we make T-shirt designs and whatnot. This should be really cool!

Last night I bought the Hermione hat pattern from Atypically.net... I started to knit it last night, but it's the wrong yarn. :-( I'm itching to knit it, it's so cute!

Oh! I knitted or attempted to knit an eyeglass holder for my grandmother, since her birthday's coming up... I knit it too big, because I wanted to felt it, but when I did, it didn't really felt well, and it was still too big. Que sera. Here's to first-time felting. Makes a cute pouch anyway. I'll post a pic later.


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