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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm Crazy

I had my first art studio class this morning. I got up at 6:45 to make it down there by 9 and it doesn't let out til 6pm. This daunts me a little... The instructor was late. I was sitting there, infront of an emty easle (sp?) surrounded by people I didn't know. I can't help feeling incredibly awkward and vulnerable in these situations. It then dawned on me that I'd have to paint in front of all these people. For me, painting's personal, and private. I have a thing about showing my work before it's done. Suddenly I felt incredibly vulnerable. I like to be alone in my own domain... I get a sinking feeling and all I want to be doing is knitting. I brought my knitting with me (yes, I brought knitting to an art class!)... but it would be kind of rude to just whip out my needles in that situation.

Then the instructor shows up. Turns out we had to bring canvas and paints to the first class, which I wasn't informed about. So he tells me to go back home and bring my materials back... this is hogwash.I wasn't going to go all the way back up town to come all the way downtown again. I'm back home right now and I just have an overall bad taste in my mouth about the whole class. Very cliquey and pretentious as well. I feel bad that I don't like it... I love painting every now and then... but I can't bring myself to be comfortable and paint freely in that environment. Is it nuts to say that I'd rather knit from 9am-6pm? Why doesn't my school have any knitting studio courses?

On top of all this, I have no clue what I'm going to do after I graduate. I know I'm not alone, but it's all so frustrating. I have to update my resume today and start getting it out there. This semester's going to wind down quick like wildfire!

Anyway, I started Knitty's "Twins" bikini top last night. I'm almost done with it. I shall post when done ;-x



At January 13, 2005 at 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kristin,
Its Tere from craftster! (I actually wrote this comment this morning but it didn't seem to post, so I'm trying again, and ignore this if you already got it). I checked out your blog and your stuff is so great. I wanted to say that I can totally relate to wanting to knit all the time, but I feel like I should be thinking of more "practical" things to learn and use toward my career. I'm also an art student, so I feel like I should be wanting to paint all the time, not knit all the time. Also, in regards to your crapy class (which it seems you've switched out of-woo hoo), don't settle for any of that! I think some people put up with arrogance and stuffiness at art school because they think "thats the way art school is", but its not, and there are lots of schools and classes where people are supportive and friendly.
Take care :)


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