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Monday, December 27, 2004

K1 Post 1

Wow! This has to be my umpteenth journal, but I never had a knitting journal before. I guess I'll use this space to blab about knitting since it's what I love to do now-a-days.

I'm working on my frist pair of socks from this pattern:
So far, so good. I'll post a pic of the pair when I'm done. They're not as hard to make as I thought they'd be. A little daunting when I hit the turn of the heel part, but they're actually really fun. I'm going to need a break though, before I go onto the second one.

I just got back from vacationing in London with my parents (big mistake!). Almost as soon as I got there, I went on a wool excursion! So I check out this place called Liberty, which is kind of like ABC Carpet, here in NYC... Here's what I came home with:

Amazing customs at the airport didn't consider me a candidate for hoof n' mouth :-P But this place is great! Reasonable, too, considering the $ is weaker than the £ by half. I highly recommend Liberty.

That all said... I'm out for now :-x


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