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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


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Mystical Magical Caterpillars!

So I finished knitting my Mystical Magical Caterpillar scarf!

(click thumbnails for larger view)

I lost my other scarf last week, so I've been rather scarfless, which isn't cool for this crazy weather. I'm actually getting over a cold. There's something comforting about catching one... maybe it's the idea of all that chick'n'oodle soop! hehe! OK, I've got twisted logic. ;-)

Taloola on Craftster just finished knitting my Jiffy Tube Top and I'm so proud of her! It looks amazin'! Link to Thread

Also everyone who decided to make the Gwen-a-be Zim hat did awesome jaw-dropping yobs! Link to thread

In other news...

I've been watching way too much "Nip/Tuck"... Not just because Julian McMahon is sexy as hell, but plastic surgery is the new gore! I'm convinced!

Apparently, I just realized, I'm on Spring Break. I have the whole week off. You could imagine my suprise... it's gonna be a long one. Editing and getting the last scene for my movie in the can... Once school's over I'm resorting to solo projects. Juggling people's schedules is not exactly my bag, babe.

I also saw this incredible play last Thursday called "Shockheaded Peter"... amazing! Definitely for Dresden Doll, Tim Burton, and Edward Gorey fans alike! For such a low budget production, the costumes were unbelieveable, and the use of puppetry was undeniably ingenious! I never laughed so hard at the theater!

I've also taken up learning German. It's such an angry language, but I love it! I'm actually half German, so I know a little... but mainly just the slang, growing up around my grandmother and all. Driving in traffic with her was no peach... words like "sheisse!" and "arsch-losch!" still resinate in the fondest of my childhood memories! :-P

Right! Back to life as we know it!

~ kkxo

Sunday, March 06, 2005

FOs for HOs!

Iggads! How long has it been? I'm so hungover... my head feels like the entire cast of STOMP! is performing on my medulla! Went to this bar with my friend last night... turns out it was gay night. (good for him... not for me! hehe) So after a while, I hoped in a cab and headed over to my usual night spot. Had a most excellent time, but drank way too much! Ugh! Woe is me! hehe

Anyway, back to knitting! Here are some FO's I've been meaning to post:

This is a WIP scarf... can't wait to finish it! I Knit in this blue & copper sparkly funky yarn in with this midnight blue wool! It looks like a mystical magical catipillar! :-P
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I actually saw someone wearing these and had to knit my own!

I'm in serious need of more yarn! I ordered some from Yarnware over six weeks ago, but they've been backordered.

I finished shooting my film! Huzzah! Now I'm just working on the preview. Once that's done I shall post it. And what's a movie without knitting?

(a still from the set)

OK... time to pop an aspirin and call it a day!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Vegan Stripes for 22 year olds

As predicted, I've been slacking on the whole knitting thing... These past couple of weeks have been nutso! Today and tomorrow I'll be auditioning actors for my flick. I've never cast professionals, so I'm kind of nervous, but trying not to think about it. So far, so good. Haven't freaked out yet ;-)

Here's one FO that I managed to complete, the stripey scarf:

I used gray and lime green Jaeger Merino Aran yarn. It's basically stockinette stitch with a single cable down the middle... I tried to block it from curling, but didn't exactly work out. Que sera.

Monday was my birthday, (the big 22) so my mom took me out to lunch. Yay mom! We went to Kate's Joint down in the village, where they make the BEST veggie burgers EVER! The Un-Turkey Club comes highly recommended as well. If you haven't guessed, this place is vegan. I'm totally not vegan, but for some reason I'm very fond of disgustingly healthy food. :-P

I also bought "The Knitting Bible", which I'm digging right now. It's got almost every single stitch, and technique... much better and clearer to understand than the Debbie Bliss one.

Anywho, gotta get organazized for later on.

Tere-- about the shrug, I haven't finished it because I ran out of wool! I'm like 3.75/4 done with it, too! Literally! I'm ordering more as I speak! ;-)

~ kk xo

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Knitting under pressure!

Sorry I've been slacking on photos... I need to take some of my WIPs! I'm so bummed that I can't finish my shrug! And right now my yarn budget is pretty much blown so I'll just have to wait until my b-day before I can go wooly crazy again! :-(

I'm up at the crack of dawn this morning because I'm supposed to help my friend out on her film shoot, doing make-up fx. I have to age a character so she looks 40! I love doing this kind of stuff! :-D
Suprisingly, I'm not all that tired. My dog kept me up all night because he hasn't been feeling well lately, and has been acting like a grumpy old man.

I'm almost done working on my screenplay while working on this scarf (to brainstorm) I started knitting a few months ago... I'm somewhat pleased with my script, being that it's a work of procrastination... I work better under pressure for some reason. So far it's about this Agoraphobic girl who's forced to bake a cake at gunpoint... I started writing it around 1am... I was delerious! So don't ask! hehe I think I've been watching way too much "Martha Stewart Living" and "24"!

~ kk xo

Monday, January 24, 2005

Shrug it off and Procrastinate!

Tere from Craftster got me wanting to knit the shrug from Magknits.com... so I started it, using Reynold's Utopia in Grape, because a.) I wasn't inspired to use it for anything else, and b.) it had over 200 yrds to it! Not to mention it's quite cuddly, given that it's acrylic. But now I'm running out of it! Arrgh! So close to finishing, too! Oh well... just an excuse to order more! hehe. I already have a shipment coming in from Yarnware...

Nothing too exciting has happened this weekend. Aside from the snow. My dog LOOOOOVEEEESSS the snow! I'm baffled how he can just dive into the mass heeps piled up on the sidewalk and sit in it, eating it, and not feel cold! I see bigger dogs shivering their bums off with coats on... mine, doesn't even flinch! hehe. Except for the salt on the stree which burns his paws... I'm gonna have to knit my lil guy some booties. ;-) We'll see how long those stay on.

I have a meeting with my Thesis advisor later on today to talk about the film I'm supposed to shoot this February... been drawing up a shot-list and storyboarding all moring... I'm such a procrastinator! The other director I'm supposed to film for seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, leaving me high and dry, so I'm gonna have to come up with a project on my own ASAP! I had an idea for a yoga video... since my mom's into that, I figured I could make a 15 minute art film of her strutting her yoganess. She seems quite into doing it.

That being said... Fairsmell! :-x

Friday, January 21, 2005

Such a Gwennabe!

I've come to the conclusion that hats are really fun to make...so without further ado, I give you the Gwennabe Zim hat, inspired by Lisascenic's (from craftster.org) split Gwen Stefani & Liz Zimmerman personality ;-) ... also Gwen's latest Louis Vuitton blue, white n' black corset thing-a-ma-jig she wore.

Final thought: To pom-pom, or not to pom pom? That is zee question!

In other news, I transferred classes for the umpteenth time, yesterday! The silkscreen class required me to get an insane amount of materials... so I decided to transfer to an acting class. Apparently I'm one of two students in the entire course... sounds intense, but I'm intrigued!
While I was haunting the school hallways waiting to meet with my advisor, I managed to get swindled into helping my friend shoot his film, booming for sound. That's always a fun job. Great arm workout, I must say. :-)

I was supposed to go to this place Darkroom with my friend last night, but it was too damn cold out. It's too damn cold out today also. I don't have to be anywhere, so I'm content just hibernating for the rest of the afternoon with a mug o' tea and working on a script for my project.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I gave up and got myself a new photobucket account. I don't know what's going on with that thing.

So it's 10:17am... gotta get my arse out the door in about an hour to get to class. Hopefully my iPod will be recharged by then. I forgot to do it overnight, and the battery's pretty much kapoot as it is. *sigh*

Had breakfast: yogurt w/ blackberry jelly n' granola (my favorite!)

While I was uploading all my knitting photos, I came across this photo of my dog, Meridian, wearing one of the first scarves I ever knitted!

The pink's not really appropriate for him, being that he's a boy, but... hehe.

Well, gotta skoot for now! xoxo